Friday, 15 February 2013

Daniel Sharman as Isaac Lahey

-Daniel Sharman-

Hey fellas, miss Teen Wolf yet.... Don't you worry it will be here soon enough and it will be great. So let's get to know more cast like Daniel Sharman who happens to play the role of Isaac Lahey. First, who is Daniel Sharman? Huh, this handsome guy is an English actor and he was born in London, England on April 25, 1986. He worked as an actor at The Royal Shakespeare Company before going on to train for three years at The London Academy of Dramatic Art in 2007. He lives in Los Angeles.

Daniel was last seen starring in the hit film Immortals as Ares, and just recently he is co-starred in the 2012 horror flick The Collection with Josh Stewart and Eaddy Mays. Also upcoming in 2013, Daniel will share the screen with Bill Nighy, Sharon Stone and Faye Dunaway in The Beauty of Sharks.

Daniel was the second Teen Wolf cast member to appear The Nine Lives of Chloe King, the first being Colton Haynes.

-Isaac Lahey-

Isaac Lahey was introduced around Season 2, is a tormented teen and lacrosse player who lives across the street from Jackson. Isaac was abused by his father, who tortured him by often locking him in the basement freezer. Isaac is turned into a werewolf by Derek and becomes the first member of Derek’s pack. It was actually his wish to become werewolf like Scott so he could feel powerful and confident after a long history of physical and mental abuse from his father, who is murdered by the Kanima in the season 2 premieres.

Unlike the others in Derek’s pack, Isaac has control of his inner wolf during the full moon, and good intentions and a warm heart. Among the dangerous events, Isaac sides with Scott, revealing that he trusts him and holds onto Scott's friendship because he doesn't have anyone there for him. He helps Scott against Gerard and stays as a part of Derek's pack instead of following the others in the pack, who want to leave Derek. It is implied that Isaac looks up to Derek in the way that he couldn't look up to his own father. Creator Jeff Davis has stated that Isaac will be a big part of season 3, premiering in 2013, and will possibly threaten Scott and Stiles' friendship with his own close bond that he shares with Scott.

Well, from the previous season we’ve seen Isaac to turn in the good side, do you think that he will still be hanging out with Scott on Season 3.

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