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Teen Wolf: Tyler Posey As Scott McCall

-Tyler Posey-

Tyler Posey was born on October 18, 1991; he’s an American actor and musician. He has been working steadily in and television for the last decade, Posey is also the front man and plays guitar in the band, Disappearing Jamie which was formerly known as Lost in Kostko, their first performance in 2012 was at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

In February 2002, Posey appeared in the film Collateral Damage, playing Arnold Schwarzeneger’s son. In December of that year, he also played Jennifer Lopez’s son in the romantic comedy, Maid in Manhattan.

When he was 16, Posey auditioned for the role of Jacob Black in the Twilight film series, but lost the part to Taylor Lautner. The two have been friends since, as child actors, they regularly auditioned for the same roles.

In his breakout role, Posey was cast as the lead in the MTV television series, Teen Wolf. The series is based on the original, 1985 film, Teen Wolf. Posey plays the soft-spoken Scott, a high school student bitten by a werewolf, who has to keep his secret from his loved ones while also protecting them.

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-Scott McCall-

Scott McCall is just one simple Teenager who wants to fit in, he attends Beacon Hills High School in Beacon Hills, California, where he also plays lacrosse. Since his parents got divorced he has been living with his mother, Mellissa who works as a nurse at the Beacon Hills Hospital. Scott has after school job at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic as an assistant of Dr. Deaton.

One night while wandering in the woods he was by an Alpha werewolf Peter Hale and cursed with lycanthropy. After that night, everything has changed because before he was bitten, he was an outcast at school and a bench warmer for the lacrosse team. He also had this asthma to deal with and required to use an inhaler.

Just after he got bitten, he become someone stronger, he become a werewolf. And changes started to goes his way, he is now the Co-Captain of the Beacon Hills High School Lacrosse team with Jackson Whittermore. According to the coach Bobby Finstock, he is the best player on the lacrosse team.  

But Scott believes that his life as a werewolf is more of a curse than a gift. He occasionally becomes frustrated when his werewolf instincts get in the way of his normal life and his relationship with Allison Argent. Scott possesses all the physical and emotional characteristics of a Beta Werewolf.


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